Vision , Mission & Objective


An oppression free society congenial for development and survival of all classes of people irrespective of cast and economic divisions.



Enhance capacity of the community people by ensuring a congenial  and   oppression free society through raising awareness, education, motivation and effective communication being supplemented by need based socio-economic interventions and resource mobilization, both internal & external and encouraging the participation of the community people in order to facilitate forming peoples organization who can lead and perform the role of materializing sustainable community development.


Goal :

To uplift the social & economic condition of the target people by way of creating awareness about their present condition in the running society and the existing constraints and discrimination and the process of exploitation in the society from which they are victimized and loosing their rights and properties.


Objectives of the Organization:

  1. a) To organize the poor women and their male counterpart in rural and urban area in groups for building local institution;
  2. b) To raise awareness of the poor and underprivileged people of the society about the prevailing social status and its inner mechanism of class contradiction and women suppression;
  3. c) To assist underprivileged child labor and distressed women in order to regain their social status in the society and overcome exploitation, violation of human rights, torturing women etc;
  4. d) To create facilities and scope to generate income for target people in order to make them financially self-reliant;
  5. e) To provide training and increase their skill and efficiency so that they can initiate employment independently at their own program;
  6. f) To develop leadership role among selected capable target people in order to entrust them with the responsibility of development at various stages;
  7. g) To provide literacy and functional education to the illiterate target people;
  8. h) To encourage them to fight for just wages of women labor and social justice and to provocative against all sorts of social crime and women discriminations;
  9. i) To aware the people about the importance of tree plantation for keeping environmental balance and assist the target people by tree saplings following the above mentioned perspective and for gaining economical benefit in the long run and
  10. j) To motivate the people about using pure drinking water and hygienic latrine and keeping personal cleanliness and to help them for getting tube-well.