Background of the Organization

Village Integrated Development Association (VIDA) was started in 1st April 1988 and since then the organization is serving by a team of dedicated and highly educated social activists in a vision to alleviate hard core poverty by improving Socio-economic condition of people who are living below poverty level. The main focus was given initially to aware, organizes and educate to disadvantage women and landless people at rural areas.

In periods of time the organization has been taken various programs country wide for the poor. Field of the programs for poor are Social Mobilization for empowering the women, Organize the landless people into groups and conduct various development programs, Women development and empowerment program;Income Generation for Poverty alleviation,VGD Program,Non-Formal education to literate adult, adolescents and children.Hard to reach working children education in the  slum areas in the country.Post Literacy & Continue Education for Human development Program; Lactated mother / maternity allowance distribution project, Public Toilet Cum Bio-Gas Plant program; Pure drinking Water Supply Program, Arsenic Mitigation Program, Gender awareness and mainstreaming program, Human Rights, Survey & Research,Monitoring and Evaluation Program, Health &Hygienic Education and Services, HIV,STD/AIDS Awareness & Prevention, Primary Health Care & MCH, EPI Awareness and services Program,Nutrition Surveillance program, Youth Development & Leadership Program,Sweet water fish cultivation program,Plantation & Nursery development program; Agriculture development program;Sanitation program, Disaster & Rehabilitation program.

VIDA has required legal documents such as Registered with The Department of Social Services (underact 1961), its registration No. Kushtia -98/91 Dated: 19/10/91, Registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, its registration No.-1758, Dated: 14/11/2002 & Affiliated with Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh its affiliated No. Chuadanga -1.

VIDA has nine 9 members Executive Committee (EC) and 30 members’ General body.

Executive Committee elected by the General body every two years after. EC comprised with renowned persons. They are Medical Practitioner, Teacher, Retire Government official and Social Activists etc.They work voluntarily for the organization. EC meeting held Bi-monthly and sometime held urgent basis if important issue arise in the organization.