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(An organization for Rural development)


Chairman/ General Secretary

Village Integrated Development Association (VIDA)

10-C/1 (1st floor),Madrasa Road, Aziz Mahalla, Mohammadpur,

Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Telephone: +88-02-58153861; +88-02-58153862

e_mail: vidabangladesh.91@gmail.com,vidad92@yahoo.com
Cell: 01711-459907

Contact Person: Md. Mahbubul Haque
Executive Director

The socio-economic condition of Bangladesh is not better than mostly other developing countries. About 63.5% people of Bangladesh live in village and most of them are poor. They cannot fulfill even meet of their basic needs.  They are fighting with a lot of problems malnutrition, unhygienic environment, minimum health facilities, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and so on. But it is fact that the lion share of the national income is given by those neglected people. In other words, the real development of a country like Bangladesh depends on the development of the villages. More appropriately, the integrated development is needed for a country to be developed. Looking into these hard fact VIDA started its works with some commitments are objectives.

As Bangladesh is a developing country, it is difficult for her to develop by herself  alone due it lack of modern technology, and fund. So for its development a joint efforts is needed from government and non-government agencies and wants to participate in the development activities of Bangladesh.

Before going into the objectives and future activities of VIDA, let us go through a simple socio-economic picture of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Demographics Profile 2018

Total area of land: 130,170  per skm

Total Population :157,826,578 (July 2017 est.)

Density of population :     per skm

Population growth rate :1.04%  (2017 est.)

Total Fertility Rate (TFR): 2.17 children born/woman (2017 est.)

Per capita income : USD 1,466

Literacy rate:72.8%

Proportion of Doctor and people : 0.39 physicians/1,000 population (2012)

# of unemployment people about 6.1 milion


VIDA was founded on 1st April 1988 to serve the people of Bangladesh. Since its inception VIDA wanted to involve community to mobilize local resource  for their development. This is the main motto of VIDA. It is a voluntary, non-political, non-profitable and community based organization.  The Government of Bangladesh has recognized the VIDA as a NGO.

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VIDA aims to raise general living standards, promote community welfare, and create a wholesome and improve environment for the masses with an emphasis on village people based on the Islamic ideology and the universally accepted UN charter. It holds in high esteem the need to respect other religions, while playing its role to sustain peace, development and justice.


  • Socio-economic development program
  • Self-employment and income generating program through unemployed youth
  • Rehabilitation program for widow, divorced women, floating young girl and landless people
  • Human rights, gender, disarmament, and peace education program
  • Tree plantation and environment program
  • Health and Family welfare program (Primary Health Care, HIV,STD/AIDS Awareness & Prevention, Family Planning, MCH, EPI Program, Nutrition Surveillance, Hygienic Education Program, Safe mother hood and adolescent program etc)
  • Mass literacy and non-formal education program
  • Training program
  • Drug- alcohol and Tobacco preventive program
  • Agriculture development (Stillness training program through modern farming facilities to develop traditional Agriculture system)
  • Aquaculture development program
  • Sports, culture and literacy program
  • Arsenic Mitigation and Pure drinking water Supply Project
  • Social Mobilization for Empowering the Women
  • VGD Program (Skill Development and Income Generating Activities Program)
  • Group Formation, Savings & Credit Program
  • Sweet water fish cultivation program
  • Youth Development & Leadership Program;
  • Women Development and Empowerment program;
  • Disaster & Rehabilitation Program;


  • Organization of Seminar, Workshop, Conference and Training
  • Youth exchange program
  • Exchange of information, communication, and experience
  • Research and documentation
  • Training in international activities


  • Village
  • Upazila (Sub-district)
  • Zila (District )
  • National

General Council is the highest policy making council of VIDA.  There is an Executive Council which is made by General Council and there is also a Advisory Council which is made by Executive Council.


VIDA raises its budget through many sources which include membership subscriptions, public donation, local and international grants, and income generating activities.

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